Antoine Heuty Discusses Afghan’s Mineral Wealth on CNN

Posted on September 2, 2010


ARTICLE ~ August 25, 2010

In an August 24 interview on CNN, RWI Deputy Director Antoine Heuty discusssed the prospects for improved development and for increased conflict and corruption in Afghanistan, where vast untapped mineral riches have recently sparked international attention and calls for good governance of the war-torn countries mineral sector.

Speaking to CNN’s Becky Anderson, Heuty cited the need for good contracts between Afghanistan and foreign extractive companies, and for transparency in the growing mineral sector, as essential tools in the effort to secure lasting value for the Afghani people and public trust in government.

Heuty appeared with Ashraf Haidari from the Embassy of Afganistan in Washington D.C. To find the transcript, see Arsip of this Blog.


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